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    How the hell this might work, AKA: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Roll Some Dice


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    How the hell this might work, AKA: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Roll Some Dice Empty How the hell this might work, AKA: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Roll Some Dice

    Post  Antinthe on Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:47 am

    I have no idea what to do about die rolls over the internets, as Forumotion has no option for a dicebot or die roller of any kind. But that's okay, because I don't really want anyone to have to finagle with it seventeen times a post. I figure the honor system is the best way to go, and if you cheat, then I WILL CHEAT AS WELL I SWEAR THE LICH WILL HAVE LIKE THIRTY ARMS

    On a more serious note, you can throw together a character sheet however you like, as long as I can read it and figure out what the relevant stats are. I'll probably make a cheat sheet anyway (so I know your HP and ACs and all that) and go from there. When you do write your character up, I'd appreciate a (fairly) short portion on their looks, something like:

    - Brown, mid-length hair
    - 6'2", heavy muscular build
    - Favors elaborate clothing with cheap jewelry and tacky holy symbols made from paper mache
    - Tiny nose
    - Scar over the left buttock

    etc etc. Anything you feel would be important for me to know, just in case an NPC has to say "Hey, it's Ass-Scar Frank! Get him!"
    A more in-depth description can be given when the roleplaying and rollplaying starts, but you don't have to give too intricate a level of detail. It's nice, and this will doubtlessly be more roleplay-heavy than our in person tabletop attempts (talkin' to John here) but we'll see how it all pans out.

    Characters are level 3, rolled in traditional D&D style (roll 4d6, discard lowest number, roll only six times) and you can opt to re-roll once if you hate your stat layout. This campaign will be more grounded and lower-powered on the PC side, as our campaigns are often a touch too easy. No large house rules have been decided upon yet, but carrying a backpack will raise your STR by +1 for the purposes of hauling loads. Invest in a backpack andmake sure you buy gear appropriate for a survival-esque adventure: healing kits, bedrolls, holy water, so on. This will be a campaign full of outright evil creatures and characters such as clerics and paladins will have a distinct advantage.

    Make sure your character also has a backstory and some sort of motivation. The basic summary of the setting is given below. Your characters will be foreign to the campaign's locale (but not necessarily the country next to the island) and will be entering somewhat blind. Perhaps your character's grandparents fought in the first Necromantic War, or maybe you think the island is a prime locale to loot while you try and clean up the mess. Evil characters are fine...as long as they have a reason to want to clean up the island, even if it's so they can have a nice island and their OWN undead army.
    (Do note there will be paladins; take proper precautions to hide alignment if you go this route!)

    When we do start, this mini-campaign will be our big stress test, so it'll have everything that is relevant: a beginning that is more roleplay than rollplay, then some skill related segments, and then something fairly combat heavy. I really want to see how long it takes us to pound through adventure segments so I can try and learn to pace things properly. Post whenever you can, but try to stick to a me-you-them cycle. If you're sitting around and just talking between characters, though, feel free to post back and forth without me, if you need to. I won't make you fight TOO many random dickwolves.

    Characters should be combat proficient and it's not a terrible idea to put a few points into some side skills, but crafting and professions probably won't show up much. You'll have an NPC cohort, but he'll just drive the carriage, carry the loot, and run away from the monsters. Fightin' dudes is up to you cool cats in pajamas.
    When it comes to actions in combat, I think you guys should know the general format of how things work; I know John and I have done nothing but read D&D sourcebooks since we met back in the eighth grade, so we've earned our Purple Hearts of Virginity. That said, when you take an action that is a very cut-and-dry, obvious choice ("I climb the wall! I roll Bluff, right?") just go ahead and roll. Another example, because I love examples:

    Sarah faces down the rough wall with a grim look on her face, rubbing her hands together to spread the chalk between her palms evenly. Taking in a hard breath, she grabs the first set of handholds and tries to drag herself up its vertical surface, sword scabbard clipping her calf rhythmically.
    (Climb check: 17)

    If you botch, MAKE SURE you let me know. You can just do (Reflex save: botch) or (Attack roll: 5, rolled a 1) and we'll work from there. I probably won't post directly in the thread of your successes or failures, and instead post in the OOC thread for the campaign, so make sure you check it regularly. If need be, I'll even make a thread for nothing but "John succeeds his tumble check, but he needs to roll Bluff as well" and we can keep the campaign's thread nice and tidy. As I've said before, this is a big experiment and I really don't know what will work, and what won't. ADVENTURE!

    I have no idea how long it'll take me to hammer out a Ravnica-based campaign, due to the number of critters and setpieces I'll have to type up. If need be, and we don't hate it, we can just carry through this campaign, which (until I hear input) goes a little something like this:

    ____________________DARK MOON OVER THE ISLAND OF KAHL

    The country of Welymn (wehl-em-nn) is a fairly small, kidney-shaped collective on the southwestern shore of a much larger continent. Since the last Great Necromantic War, peace has blossomed and allowed farmlands and cities alike to flourish, spreading throughout the land at an alarming pace over the last fifty years - almost.
    Off the western coast of Welymn is the Isle of Kahl, a teardrop-shaped land large enough to host its own massive salt water lake in the center. Sandy beaches, overgrown patches of jungle, mountainside cities, and ancient temples to long-forgotten gods are scattered about wildly. Save for its often cool and damp climate, it's practically a paradise.

    Or it was. After the Necromantic War, the sparse remaining forces fled to the island in secret, taking up residence in abandoned caverns and remote locales. While the mainland remains ignorant to the growing threat less than a baker's dozen miles away, the residents of the once-lush island have resorted to avoiding the streets at night and having a friend to walk one home is less a suggestion and more a requirement. Vampires boldly drain their victims in public and deplete an admittedly lax military presence, and the undead have all but claimed the graveyards and shipwrecks of the lost for their own.

    Enter our heroes. Worshipers of nearly every good-aligned god and goddess have created a currently unnamed force of warriors as a last-ditch effort to keep the forsaken island from becoming little more than a massive stronghold of evil. People from every walk of life - clerics, paladins, even smiths and the occasional headstrong galley cook - have volunteered or felt the call to rise to arms, slipping away from their homeland (or rising up from within it) to save the rest of the world from the silent embrace of death's hold. While there is no strict hierarchy, higher-ranking priests and holy warriors help direct the slow trickle of arriving souls. Support is not guaranteed, nor is survival.

    Can two well-established yet newly joined foreigners possibly stop a necromancer's mad quest for power? For Welymn's sake, we'd better hope so.

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